About our company

AL’ORO was founded by Alexander Kostas in 1977 in Athens. Since the beginning AL’ORO’s target was to introduce jewellery collections with unique style and high quality for our clients in Greece and abroad. Nowadays our clients’ network is wider including companies in the biggest cities of Europe, United States, Australia, Africa and Asia.
AL’ORO’s production line is characterized by its complete variety of crosses, rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings, all manufactured in 14 and 18 kt gold. Our strongest product category is chains. Handmade or machine made chains, we produce a great variety of different styles and sizes to satisfy all tastes and needs.
All AL’ORO jewellery have quality guarantee and you can recognize them from the logo and the company code number AL’ORO – N12 which is marked on all our jewellery. With this trademark AL’ORO ensures that the jewellery have been produced with the highest specifications.
AL’ORO through many years of experience in working with gold and with the use of modern machinery and techniques has managed to create high quality products based on the needs and desires of the customers.